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-- the International Game
                                 of Force!

Hailed as a favorite by GAMES magazine for 4 years!

Based on laws of balance and force!

Make the force be with you!

"A great new strategy game" - prior President of largest US Chess club!

Over 500,000
 already sold!

The board stays level until you gain enough leverage to make it tilt all the way over (there is no half-way tilt) --

 -- then you remove a Point Piece from the downed end, and the board levels out again!

Guess what?  If your Playing Pieces get captured while on your side of the board, the board may tilt in your favor !

You can win with most of your pieces captured -- but you must be fast!

And you can win with none of your pieces captured -- but that may slow you down.

Which strategy will you take?!!

Discover why   Leverage  is such a favorite.

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